About Light A Fire

   Starting from a podcast, blog, and dream to empower people to make health, wellness & happiness a priority in their lives, regardless of circumstance, Light A Fire grew to more . . . It became a mindset . . . A movement. 


    The creator of Light A Fire, Jessica LeCheminant, made it a goal to be the peoples health, wellness & happiness coach and advocate. A cheerleader for all to Spark the Fire within and create a better world in themselves and around them. Ending every message with, "I love you. GO FORTH.", Jess has sought to now create a brand where anyone and everyone can represent the FIRE inside.  

   The Light A Fire Brand represents your greatness. It is meant to showcase what you represent. Straightforward and real. No frill...just FIRE.  

All It Takes Is One Spark To LIGHT A FIRE...  

    Wear the Crown, Rep the Brand.