Limited Edition Holiday FIRE

What would the holidays be if you couldn't rep your FIRE in a fun, holiday themed way? ... Exactly, we don't want to think about that either. 

This collection will be a limited edition run for each upcoming holiday. Don't miss out! They'll only be here for a short time.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Our Christmas Collection is here!


LAF Brand has some of the jolliest Christmas goodies in all the land. From Dapper Dolph to genuine Ugly Christmas Fire, we've got you covered this holiday season.

Christmas themed Sweaters and shirts will be gone fast so act quickly! If you wait till Santa comes, they'll already be gone. 

We've also taken our Light A Fire Basics and Holidayified them.

These Red Basics will be here until the new year, but once that clock strikes "Happy New Year" they too will be gone for good.


Time for some FIRE & BRIGHT!